Why Excel Bank

Who we are:

We are a bank that knows our clients by name, understands their banking needs, and works as a team to provide the highest level of service possible.

How we differentiate ourselves from others:

We are subject matter experts with access to all decision makers. Everyone in the bank is focused on creating the best possible client experience imaginable.

Every client is unique. Driven by shared values of team spirit, commitment, responsibility and innovation, all our teams are focused on delivering a truly personal level of service.  All our staff, regardless of their role, help create better, deeper, more personal relationships with our clients, while offering them a greater level of service and opportunity.

We get it. We understand that our clients are the reason for our success. We never forget that. Serving that priority is our focus and drives everything we do at Excel Bank; and why we're honored to serve you.

Man using a credit or debit card at a laptop computer
Card Services

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