Business Debit Card Powered by MOCA

Ready for a next-generation card-based payment platform?...Then you're ready for Excel Bank's Business Debit Card Powered by MOCA!

What is the Excel Bank Visa MOCA Card?

  • MOCA is a Next-Generation Card-Based Payment Platform
  • Cardholders can self-issue EMV-enabled, contactless plastic and virtual MOCA Cards on demand
  • The MOCA platform provides real-time alerts of authorization, receipts and receipt tagging
  • MOCA enables granular spending controls based on:​
    • Merchant Category​
    • Spending Limits​
    • Transaction Type​
    • Time-of-Day/Day-of-Week​
    • ATM Authority
    • Geofencing to the Cardholder’s Home Zip Code​
    • International Travel Selection by Country

Choose the right card for your business...

  • PREMIER Cards: A business’s primary card linked to a business DDA account for auto top off funding. 
  • PURCHASE Cards: Reloadable cards that a business issues to its employees  or departments. The business can monitor transactions in real time and control when and where the card is used. 
  • PRESTIGE (Payroll) Cards: A reloadable card issued by employers to employees. Can only be loaded by the employer and the employer cannot monitor the cards’ usage.
  • APPRECIATION Cards: Business version of a gift card. Works like any other gift card, but the business can set the card’s expiration date. Limited to $1000.
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